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Unlimited IPv6 proxies from around the world.

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Unleash the power of IPv6
Infiniproxy provides IPv6 proxies accessible over IPv4 connections. IPv6 addresses have advantages over IPv4. There are many more of them, so many that they can be used to do things that other proxies cannot. Infiniproxy was the first team to come up with this service and now we're taking it public.

We're the world's first proxy service to give you as many proxies as you want across many availability zones around the world starting at just $9/week. See our pricing table for a comparison of our subscription plans.
Unlimited proxy IP addresses
Leverage the immense space of IPv6 addresses with Infiniproxy. While other proxy services provide scarce and expensive proxy IPs, we have many trillions of IP addresses at our disposal. We put that power in your hands.

Take advantage of our IPv4 to IPv6 tunneling service and deploy massive proxy pools. For a limited time we're offering a perpetual discount on all of our plans.

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