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Overview of Services

If you're new to proxy services or IPv6, here's how it works. Every device on the Internet (Or any network for that matter) has an IP address that identifies it to other machines. For instance, whenever you visit a web site, you're connecting to that web site's IP address via your IP address. IPv4 addresses are what most people are familiar with. For example, Infiniproxy's main IPv4 address is The problem with IPv4 addresses are that there aren't enough of them considering how many computers and other devices are connected to the Internet. It's for that reason that IPv6 was created.

The amount of possible IPv6 addresses is immense. There are 2^128 possible IPv6 addresses. That's over 340 undecillion. This allows us to provide our customers with a virtually unlimited amount of IPs. A proxy is an IP address that you rent and that you can use to connect to web sites and other services on the Internet. In other words, if you use a proxy IP to visit a web site, that web site will only see that the proxy IP is visiting rather than your actual IP address.

IPv4 addresses (And therefor IPv4 proxies) are scarce and expensive. IPv6 proxies on the other hand are plentiful and far cheaper. For the price of a single IPv4 address, we can provide you with billions of IPv6 addresses.

You use our service by deploying pools of proxy IPs. You can deploy proxy pools as small as 100 and as large as numbering in the millions. There's no limit on the amount of proxies you can deploy (Within reason of course).

Once you deploy a proxy pool, you can connect through the IPs in the pool by connecting to a single IPv4 address using various usernames. When you create a pool, you give it a username prefix. For instance, if you were to deploy a pool with the username prefix of MyPool, you would then be able to use the IPs in that pool by supplying the usernames MyPool1, MyPool2, MyPool3, and so on. Each username of the pool represents a different outbound IPv6 address that you connect to using one of our IPv4 address (Or hostnames).

We have IPv6 proxy servers in several availability zones/locations around the world. Currently, these include the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, and Australia. If you need to connect through a specific country that we don't yet provide, simply contact us via our Help Desk and we'll deploy our services there ASAP, usually within 48 hours. There is a fee of $10/mo for custom zone locations. You must be a current Infiniproxy subscriber to request a new availability zone.

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