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Quick Start Guide

Using IPv6 proxies has never been easier. Infiniproxy gives you two options for managing your IPv6 proxy pools with us. You can either use our Proxy Manager or our developer API. If you wish to use our API, please see the API Documentation. For everyone else, let's get started with the Proxy Manager.

As soon as you subscribe, you're automatically given access to our Proxy Manager regardless of which package you signed up for. The Proxy Manager allows you to deploy proxy pools to any of our various availability zones. Standard users have access to all of the standard availability zones. Pro users have access to their own private /64 subnet and Dev users have access to their own /56. If you're a Pro or Dev customer, your private subnet will be available to you within 24 hours of subscribing. All users are given instant access to the standard zones.

Deploying IPv6 Proxy Pools

1) First, login to your account. From there, click on either the Proxy Manager button or Proxy Manager link.
Navigate to Proxy Manager.

2) Choose an availability zone (Location of the IP addresses), Subnet CIDR (Using /64 is fine), Pool Size (Proxy count), Pool Name (For Reference), Username Prefix (For logging into proxies), and Proxy Pool Password (Also for logging into proxies). Click: Deploy.
Choose your IPv6 proxy pool's options.

3) Now, all you have to do is export your newly created IPv6 proxy pool to a .csv file and use the proxies as you wish. Each numbered username in the proxy list corresponds to a private/unique/fresh outbount IPv6 address.
Export IPv6 proxies to CSV file.

Testing IPv6 Proxies

Now that you've deployed a proxy pool, you can test out some of the proxies. For this example, I'll just use a web browser. Each numbered username in a proxy pool corresponds to a unique outbound IPv6 address. This means that the users docdemo1 and docdemo2 each have their own IPv6 address associated with them.

docdemo1) Here we echo the IPv6 address of docdemo1...

Web browser test of IPv6 proxy username.

docdemo2) And now we echo the IPv6 address of docdemo2...

Web browser test of second IPv6 proxy username.

If you're ready to unleash the awesome power of IPv6 proxies, Register for an account to get started.

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