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Frequently Asked Questions

IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) is a set of specifications that are an upgrade from IPv4. Computers and other devices can use IPv6 addresses as source and destination addresses to exchange data packets over a network. There are many differences between IPv4 and IPv6. The difference most relevant to Infiniproxy is that the IPv6 address space is much larger (A massive possible 3.28 undecillion addresses) than IPv4 (Only 4.29 billion).

More than you could ever use. Infiniproxy allows you choose from many availability zones and IPv6 subnets. Each availability zone contains many trillions of IP addresses which you will have at your disposal. We do not limit the amount of IP addresses you can provision.

The only limitation is the amount of bandwidth you can consume unless you subscribe to our unlimited bandwidth plan. We currently offer two pricing plans. Our standard plan provides a generous 20 gigabytes per week and our unlimited bandwidth Pro plan is, well, unlimited.

Anything you can pass through a proxy will work. Our system is currently setup as an HTTP proxy and we're enabling SOCKS5 soon. HTTPS works as well.

For all intensive purposes, yes. No IP origin headers are sent and we have a no-logging policy except for where our abuse filters are concerned. The only usage logs we retain are for bandwidth monitoring and to ensure server health. We strip out all possible personally identifying information from our server logs and send it to /dev/null. View our Privacy Policy for more detailed information.

Any site/host that has an IPv6 address can be visited/connected to through Infiniproxy. We maintain an IPv6-compatible sites list. You can also use our IPv6 site checker to test any site/host for IPv6 reachability.

Though we don't offer a trial period, we will provide you with some demo proxies upon request. You can request a demo using our Help Desk.

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