Table of Contents

Scope of work for Joinery



CiviCRM Upgrade

  1. Clean-up remnants of CiviBoxOffice; General clean-up of unused configurations
    • script changes unless onerous, then create upgrade procedure checklist.
    • handle/ensure core hacks (mostly anticipated to be obsolete backports).
    • Document Upgrade QA steps
  2. Create an Upgrade Staging Script
  3. Test/Troubleshoot/Fix issues found in upgrade staging

CiviCRM Data Migration/Transformation

  1. Create Student/Child Data Model Specifications
    • Existing participant record has
      • Child 1 Name
      • Child 1 Birth Date
      • Child 2 Name
      • Child 2 Birth Date
      • Child 3 Name
      • Child 3 Birth Date
      • Attending Adult
    • In a perfect world, end result would be
      • New contact record for child
      • Relationship from child to parent
      • Participant record for child for event
      • Contribution record for the participation stored on the... parent contact record?
  2. Transform student/child data to new schema (see #1)
  3. Subscription/Flex Passes
    • Flex Passes sold from legacy system need to be able to be processed in OT.
  4. Coupons/Discounts
    • Are there any of these (besides Flex Passes)?
  5. Course and Camp Registrations
    • BACT wants to change the way that people register. This needs to be figured out.
    • Data will be transformed to support however the new modeling is architected.
    • ?? For the child data that exists, follow spec for #1
    • Multiple day events
    • Need to be able to support single-day signup
  6. General data cleanup - especially extraneous or outdated smart groups and duplicate contacts