Voice Subscriptions


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DiscussionOver-Allocation Voice BenefitsFinding Over-Allocated Voice BenefitsThere has not been a good way to enforce the correct number of copies received as Membership benefits.Problem is complicated by the fact that Organization Staff might also have an individual membership, in which case:...


ResolutionUnify Modeling of SubscriptionUnify Modeling of SubscriptionPROPOSED resolution to Discussion.Individuals with current (and grace) Memberships, either through their own membership, or conferred by their employer, can each receive a copy of The Voice.Organization Memberships designate...


SolutionSubscribed StatusAn individual can be considered "Subscribed" to the voice by one of three ways:As an Individual that has the Relationship, "Receives Voice subscription from" (/"Grants Voice subscription to"). This can be done by the Membership Administrator of a Chorus on the "Orga...


Release v1 v1 April 1, 2019

What is a Project Lab Feature?