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Conference Participant Report

Conference Participant ReportThe Conference Participant Report is a custom report that we believe was built using the Participant Detail Report as a base.StatusDiscovery has been completed, this project needs to have a couple of Discussion items explored, and then be estimated. Context h...

Member Dashboard

Member DashboardContextContext What is a Project Lab Feature Context? Updated: 3-6-2019DiscussionDiscussion What is a Project Lab Feature Discussion? Updated: 3-6-2019ResolutionResolution What is a Project Lab Feature Resolution? Updated: 3-6-2019SolutionSolution What is a Projec...

Training Notes

Training Agendas and Notes Updated: 3-6-2019

MailChimp and CiviCRM

MailChimp and CiviCRM A overview and comparison of the two systems, for posterity. Probably not relevant once Chorus America moves exclusively to CiviMail and Mosaico. Updated: 3-6-2019

Membership Reminder Emails

Membership Reminder EmailsChorus America wants to customize the Scheduled Reminder emails. For all membership types, they want to include an invoice-like message, that most importantly provides their previous Membership information so they can be encouraged to renew at the same (or higher?) level...

Expiring Credit Cards

Expiring Credit CardsCiviCRM stores only limited information about the card on file for a recurring payment series. As such we have not identifed a reliable way to search for an upcoming recurring payment with an expiring credit card, in a way that also enables us to send an automated email to th...

Finance Stories

Finance StoriesReconciliation ProcessPull a report from CiviCRM ( Budget Detail - with line items) Distribute rows to tabs in spreadsheet. Compares to the Receipt Spreadsheets - often finds data entry errors. Process is generally manageable... but gets pretty tedious around conference ti...

Classifying Transactions

Approaches to Classifying TransactionsEnsure Correct Fiscal YearWhen checks arrive near the boundary of a fiscal year, CA wants to be able to ensure the correct Fiscal Year for the contribution.Jira: [CA2-493]From a phone call on Feb 15th with Ed: Came across a problem using the Enab...


Updated: 3-6-2019


Updated: 3-6-2019

Notes on transforming membership history (and associated reporting needs)

GoalsTo eliminate CA’s unorthodox approach to modeling memberships over time… i.e. creating a new membership record for each period rather than renewing memberships. To allow CA to return to orthodox modeling in the event of some anomaly (e.g., merging of two contacts with existing membership h...

About using the Roadmap

Updated: 3-6-2019