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Using This Guide

Scope of this guide

This guide is for Chorus America users and admins, and covers all the functionality available through Chorus America's web-based Drupal 7 / CiviCRM interface. It will cover topics for both users and administrators, and is meant to be a complete repository of knowledge. In order to access this guide, you'll need an account. Please click here to login if you already have an account. Contact the site administrator if you need an account.

User vs. Administrator Guide

We made the decision to integrate the User and Administrator topics as there is so much overlap. For the sake of keeping everything in one place, this made the most sense.

Editing this guide

  • This guide is made with Grav CMS, stored in a GitHub repository, and edited in Typora using Markdown.
  • Eventually we anticipate Chorus America staff having access to edit and add to this guide.
  • Learn about using Markdown here.


This guide is collaboratively written and edited by Ginkgo Street Labs and Chorus America.

Updated: 2-16-2019