Create a New Chapter Site

To aid in the quick deployment of new chapter sites, a utility script has been installed at /var/www/

It takes care of ALMOST everything, including:

  • CMS database

  • domain record in the CRM

  • common settings

  • themes, modules, and extensions

  • default user roles

  • cron job

Host Config

  • DNS Entry (We have not been given access to manage DNS)
  • Apache is configured such that no new vhosts need to be created.
  • SSL see /root/fis-certbot-util

Ensure Filesystem Permissions

The script pre-dates adoption of FACLS and therefore... BREAKS THE WHOLE SITE. Be ready to run fis_multisite_utils/set-perms.php as soon as the chapter has been created. You are working in maintenance-mode, right? NB, set-perms requires no arguments to be run against PROD.

Manual Steps

some things have not been scripted.

See needed Manual Steps for new chapter creation.