Manual Steps

Ensure Filesystem Permissions

Currently, not integrated into the script, but the task itself is just one script, set-perms.php.

Unlike other scripts in the suite, it does not take environment parameters. Se the PROOT variable at the beginning of the file to the web-root. The script takes some time to run as it uses find to update individual file facls.

Add FIS Staff to the Domain Group

Confirm the domain under Administer > System Settings > Multi Site Settings.

Add any contacts to that group that you want to give access to.

Set Appropriate Staff Drupal Roles

Log into the new chapter site using the admin login.

Find the FIS staff user and replicate their roles from the primary site.

Set Primary Domain Info and Site Info

i.e. CiviCRM > Administer > Communications > Organization Address and Contact Info

Drupal > Administration > Configuration > System > Site Information

Update Outgoing Mail Settings

Since the SparkMonkey extension is dead to us... the script is out of date with respect to the mailer settings.

Any CiviCRM settings that are not in the instance config file, need to be explicitly configured.

Compile Theme Assets

The theme (after being installed in the new drupal instance for the chapter) needs to build an aggregate CSS file based on the selections in the theme settings form. There is no API for this.

This is documented in the module here:


When the script enables the fis_multisite_config module, it's install hook does a drupal_form_submit() which performs some of the tasks, but a manual step is still required. Following deployment, an administrator needs to submit the theme settings form at /admin/appearance/settings/adaptivetheme_subtheme. You needn't make any changes -- just submit the form.